Under the Rose   Laser cut muslin fabric and wood.  21' x 25.5'  Installation at Circa Gallery.  2013.


With patterned imagery drawn from Medieval Islamic and Western architectural sources, contemporary desert camouflage patterns, and the head scarves of local Somali children, Under the Rose has more than ten thousand individually laser cut patterns on muslin fabric that outline the silhouette of a full scale General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drone.   Under the Rose is a term that dates to the Greek and Roman era, used to denote a private room such as a confessional, or chamber where decisions of state were made in secret. Historically, such rooms were designated with the image of the rose over the door or on the ceiling. It is a term that is still used today by covert military and security  operations. 

A schematic of the Predator drone can be seen here.