Book Description:

Creative Practices for Visual Artists: Time, Space, Process

Routledge Press, to be published 2018


Based on interviews with more than 75 mid-career artists, Creative Practices for Visual Artists: Time, Space, Process is a reassessment of the methods and approaches used by highly successful artists in their practices. The conclusions are offered to developing artists as solutions to the specific challenges created over the last fifteen years by the culture of assessment in K-12 education, the ascendency of digital media and culture, and the high costs of college education.


The project is unique among books that discuss artistic practice in its synthesis of key concepts from a large number of visual artists working in a range of media and approaches. It offers concrete resources and solutions to artists based on these conclusions, specifically discussing the role of both focused and non-objective research, the benefits of reframing one’s approach to studio time, open-ended experimentation and making, and the importance of experiences such as anxiety and failure. With examples cited from interviews of highly successful nationally and internationally recognized artists, the book prioritizes the need for the intentional creation of an artistic practice within which the artist works. Creative Practices for Visual Artists: Time, Space, Process advocates for an intentional and holistic approach, a way of engaging the world and exploring ideas through physical processes out of which artwork emerges.


While all artists who are dealing with these cultural shifts and influences would find this book helpful, it will be more beneficial to art students and those in the earlier stages of their careers as well as teachers and mentors who work with them.