The Portable Monument by students Matt Bonvino, Bethany Burggraf, Cassandra Dixon, Lizzie Hankerson, Aimee Kuiper, and Amy Wolbert. Wood, steel, paint, mirrored plexiglass, plaster and wheels. Installation at multiple locations at Bethel University. Nov-Dec 2017. 

Trace/Limit by students Savannah Bortner and Reid Harer, in collaboration with Skye Gilkerson. Dual video projection on inflatable polyvinyl structure.  Installation at at Jackson Meadow, MN, April 2017. More information about the work can be found here.

Nature Walk by students Allegra Rose Berger, Jacki Minki, Michael Ryan and Christine Schwartz. Set of 10 cast bronze plaques and rubbing booklet for Willow River State Park, Wisconsin. Permanent installation. Nov. 2016.