Images left to right:

Taj  Carved moosehorn and fingernail polish. 38" long.  2008

Apothecary  Stone and cork.  4.25" long.  Stone from the site of the Red Lake Ontario gold mine. The stone is also used for ceremonial pipes. 2011

The Lonely Visions of the Pathfinder Spacecraft  Etched ostrich eggs with ink and painted aluminum.  8" tall.  2008

Orbis Tertius  Paint on steel panels.  6" x 34".   Collaboration with, Karl Smith, M. Aslam Ali, and an unknown New Delhi sign painter.  2009

Untitled.  Statuario marble from the quarry that produced the stone for Michangelo's Pieta, on hot rolled steel plinth.

Carving: .75" long, plinth:  2.5" x 2.5" x 4.5".  2009

Scape  Drypoint etched eggs with mixed media on painted plaster bases. 31 elements.  38" x 26" x 13".   2010.